Place Making

Healthy Design

Consider the Built Environment

The built environment refers to spaces where we live, work and spend our free time. It includes walking and cycleways, community areas and facilities, and how essential services are laid out. The way these spaces are designed can dramatically influence our health. For example, safe and attractive walking and cycling routes not only encourage physical activity and reduce car dependency, but also increase connectivity to employment opportunities and to social groups.

Joint walking and cycleways that connect parts of Cranbrook and the wider area.

Strategically placed playgrounds and open green spaces for family physical activity.

Purpose built schools and services located as hubs for the community.

Building in Health

Strong foundations

Cranbrook has been designed with a vision for health and wellbeing at its core. Through the Healthy New Town programme, planners have been working with Space Syntax, a spatial design company, to consider how the layout of the town could affect the behaviour and wellbeing of the residents. With a view to establishing a cohesive, thriving community, they have looked particularly at how the town is connected within itself and to Exeter and beyond.

As Cranbrook expands there are greater opportunities on offer to co-create approaches that will support people to prevent ill health and increase physical activity. With new schools, community centres, a health & wellbeing hub and town centre still to be built, partnerships galvanised by the Healthy New Town programme are working together for the future of Cranbrook’s expected 20,000 residents.

A critical outcome of the Healthy New Town Programme has been the influence on the Cranbrook Development Plan.  The plan, currently out for inspection, now includes an overarching policy on health and wellbeing

‘Leave the car at home and walk to the shop’

Cranbrook residents pledge to be more active

‘More family activities to get out of the house’

Cranbrook residents pledge to be more active

‘Do more exercise and go outside more. Also encourage my friends to do the same’

Cranbrook residents pledge to be more active

‘Cycle to work at least twice a week’

Cranbrook residents pledge to be more active