Living Well

New Model of Living

Staying well

To combat the increasing challenges faced by the NHS in the 21st century, new ways of delivering care services to communities are being tested. We are being encouraged to adopt a ‘New Model of Living’ – a more proactive role in our own health and wellbeing. By taking better care of ourselves and making healthier lifestyle choices we stay well and prevent illness, ultimately reducing the burden on primary care facilities.

Community infrastructure can help us to do this. The Healthy New Town programme is focussed on a dispersed model where varying levels and types of services are accessible at many locations throughout the town. This network of healthy anchor points can include schools, doctors, pharmacy and social groups.

Establishing a healthy lifestyle and trying new things starts at home

Partnerships working in the community for a healthy happy Cranbrook

Assets for Success building confidence of young people through schools

Healthy Living Pharmacy

An anchor in the community

The Pharmacy in Cranbrook are one such point in this network. The HNT programme has been working alongside the pharmacy to develop the scope of their expertise and services to go beyond that of a standard pharmacy. As a community pharmacy they have now been awarded Healthy Living Pharmacy status by Public Health England. The staff there work closely with other healthcare providers and local groups to ensure good pathways for patients, and provide information and resources for various health interventions. Alison and the Cranbrook Pharmacy team are trained to provide support and advice to breastfeeding mothers for example. Working in the community in this way helps both to develop trusting relationships and open up conversations for additional support and reduces the need for a GP appointment.

Strengthening the Community

Mental Health & Wellbeing

The schools in Cranbrook have been the core of the community as places where people can connect and share life’s journey. Faced with growing concerns over mental health, the schools are pioneering ways of strengthening the mental resilience and wellbeing of their children and families. Working directly with children, young people and partners we are developing a cross-community approach which builds peoples’ assets for wellbeing and confidence to respond positively when they are struggling with their mental health. By enabling young people to manage their health and wellbeing they are equipped with the qualities and skills they need for the future.