Future Focus

Creating a Roadmap

What have we learned?

One of the most important lessons to come out of the Healthy New Town programme in Cranbrook is the need to bring key stakeholders together early and to work collaboratively across all aspects of town planning. The partnerships formed have been instrumental in designing for the best health outcomes for the people of Cranbrook for the future. It is only by working closely together and through community engagement that key health messages have been aligned and translated through urban design, planning for care facilities and community services and infrastructure. This learning is the basis for new co-created principles that underpin future planning policies to promote healthy lifestyle opportunities and facilitate active living.

When we asked Cranbrook is like what?

This is what people told us…

Cranbrook is pioneering – an exciting opportunity to be innovative do things differently and challenge assumptions of what a town should be like.

Cranbrook has “potential” – biggest asset and resource is our people.

Diverse mix of people and families coming from different backgrounds – now a shared experience of being “here together”

Sense of community spirit people are friendly and welcoming and will reach out and help others.

There is a sense of pride as people value the uniqueness of Cranbrook, its transport links and green spaces.

The young demographic – young people have potential to thrive and develop, adding value talent and creativity to the area.

The Journey On

The future for Cranbrook

Whilst the commitment to health and wellbeing in Cranbrook has become firmly embedded in the approach of many, exciting new opportunities are continuously emerging. As the population expands in the next few years and many more community facilities are built including a new town centre, health and wellbeing hub and civic centre, there is a collective responsibility to pioneer for Cranbrook to be a happy and healthy place. In 2018 Cranbrook and Exeter were one of only twelve areas in the country to become a local delivery pilot for a dynamic Sport England programme with the aim of increasing physical activity in communities. This new opportunity is a perfect example of how we can improve our health and wellbeing through being active together. HNT is working closely with Sport England and the community of Cranbrook to create and deliver a fit and friendly town for the future.  The HNT approach continues within each of the local authorities and the other partners involved to work for the prevention of ill health and the promotion of wellness.