Cranbrook Together

Happy and Healthy

Healthy Identity

With any new development, the local authorities and developers provide the layout of the town and its infrastructure, but it’s the residents themselves that give the town its identity and culture which develop over time. Creating this sense of place, and ultimately belonging, is vital to the welfare of the community.

Pillars of strength have formed at the heart of Cranbrook bringing people together and offering support, friendship and a platform on which to grow. Local groups offer a variety of activities each one contributing to the overall wellbeing of the residents. Whether it involves physical activity, eating well or having a chat – these focal points in the community are integral to nurturing a healthy culture.

National recognition from the Tour of Britain shows the value placed on the identity of Cranbrook and its people

Commitment of Cranbrook’s residents to develop local groups making it a happy healthy place to live

Celebrating a sense of place and a culture of togetherness across the generations through organised local events

A sense of belonging

Cranbrook Community Action (in development)

For parents (nappies, breastfeeding, playgroups, support) @ The Cranberry Farm Pub Thursdays 10am to midday – contact

Watch the Video:

The Healthy New Town Programme has held a series of conversations with residents, school students and people who work in Cranbrook. There will be more of these to come but the illustrations here that capture the conversations give a great insight into the hopes and fears of those who live here and who are working hard together to support this new town’s journey. These rich pictures represent a collection of ideas from individuals and are helpful in seeing themes to focus on in the next steps.