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There’s no getting away from it physical activity and exercise are good for our health. The benefits of keeping fit and doing regular exercise are well documented across all age groups. As well as the physical impact of keeping our bodies strong and lowering the risk of major illnesses, there is also evidence that physical activity is good for our mental wellbeing – reducing depression and increasing self-esteem. It enables us to meet new people, connect with friends and neighbours, and do things together as a family.

Active Mums making activity easy and fun with young children

Play spaces for children and families to be active together

Community coaches mentoring people to get fit safely and have fun

Move More Cranbrook

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Building regular exercise into our daily routine, especially where it forms part of our social lives, has a long-lasting effect on our health that spans the generations. Cranbrook has a dedicated group of community representatives and public health professionals focussed on increasing physical activity. Move More Cranbrook supports and encourages developing sports teams and community groups that provide local physical activity opportunities, and is helping to build the identity of the town as active and sociable. Exeter College Running Club, represented at and supported by the Move More Cranbrook group, were instrumental in organising Cranbrook Fun Run and have introduced a Cranbrook Junior Parkrun with funding from Cranbrook Town Council.  Exeter and Cranbrook are one of 12 national Sport England pilot sites, building the capacity of Move More Cranbrook to upskill and access funding for community members is a key priority for this pilot.

Now to rewind a bit I’ve never been into running & weighing in over 19 stone thought it very unlikely! My knees won’t take it bla bla bla. The first session for me was actually week 2, Run two mins, walk two mins & repeat 7 x’s I managed 5 & half, my heart was beating out my chest, I honestly thought I was gonna go into cardiac arrest!

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However, I went back the following week & kept up with the program! The course was organised by Matt Rowett & he was supported by Sharon Gilborson. These guys were so supportive & positive they basically got me through it! I’m not just talking about running & techniques but on giving advice & mental support to. The other runners all supported me as well, they could see I was struggling but the power of support was awesome! We all became friends & now have a very active social life outside of the running! Now before I started I couldn’t run a bath let alone run a mile, I felt sluggish & lethargic, now 2 stone lighter, no longer sluggish & about to run this Sunday in Exeter’s Great West Run.’